Saturday, December 3, 2011

Facebook purchases location-based social network Gowalla

Posted: 02 Dec 2011 04:54 PM PST

According to a report by CNN Money, Facebook has just purchased foursquare competitor Gowalla. The news comes from a source close to Gowalla, and the terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
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Yahoo! jumps into the group messaging scene with Hub app

Posted: 02 Dec 2011 12:50 PM PST

Yahoo! has released a new app for the Android platform that allows users to send messages to individuals or groups for free, without incurring any SMS fees from their carrier. Called Hub, the new app even lets users communicate with people who aren't using Hub.
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Apple tells Samsung how it can and can't design smartphones and tablets

Posted: 02 Dec 2011 12:03 PM PST

With all of the action in the courtroom battles between Samsung and Apple happening in other parts of the world, we haven't heard too much lately with regards to the U.S. case, where Apple claims that Samsung infringed on a number of its design and trade dress patents. Well, now we finally have something to talk about, as documents from the case detailing what Apple thinks Samsung could do to not infringe upon its patents have made their way to the public.
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Ten percent of U.S. mobile phone users carry an iPhone says report

Posted: 02 Dec 2011 11:26 AM PST

According to comScore's latest report on the mobile phone market in the U.S., the iPhone is now in the hands of one out of every ten U.S. mobile phone users - not just smartphone owners. Though Samsung is still the top manufacturer of mobile phones in the U.S., Apple has managed to capture 10.8 percent of the entire market with only its three iPhone models.
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RIM shipped 14.1 million BlackBerry devices in Q3, expects fewer for Q4

Posted: 02 Dec 2011 10:25 AM PST

Buried in RIM's announcement that it is taking a $485 million charge on BlackBerry PlayBook inventory this morning is the note that the company claims to have shipped 14.1 million smartphones in the third quarter. This is a sharp increase from its Q2 performance, but it doesn't look like the growth will continue, as RIM warns that Q4 shipments will be lower than they were in Q3.
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Acer launches 10.1-inch ICONIA TAB A200 Android tablet

Posted: 02 Dec 2011 10:06 AM PST

Acer has announced the ICONIA TAB A200, a new member of its ICONIA Android tablet family. The A200 features a 10.1-inch, WXGA resolution display and is powered by the familiar 1GHz, dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.
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GameStop demoing ASUS Transformer Prime quad-core tablet this weekend

Posted: 02 Dec 2011 09:23 AM PST

Want to get some hands-on time with the new Transformer Prime Android tablet before you plunk down cold, hard-earned cash? Head on over this weekend to your local GameStop to give it a test run.
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Google offers pinnable search tile for Windows Phone 7.5 homescreens

Posted: 02 Dec 2011 07:56 AM PST

Google is making it easier for Windows Phone 7.5 users to avoid using the platform's built-in Bing search tools and use Google instead with a new option to pin the search page to the home screen. While users have always been able to do this, it used to pin a rather ugly, zoomed-out shortcut that could be hard to identify at a quick glance. Now, when a user visits in the Internet Explorer 9 Mobile browser, they are prompted to press a big blue button to pin the Google search page to the home screen. This provides them with an attractive tile that matches with the rest of the native Windows Phone 7.5 apps. Hopefully Google will continue to optimize its other products for Windows Phone in the future.
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Press Release: Samsung Announces Industry First ARM Cortex-A15 Processor Samples for Tablet Computers

Posted: 02 Dec 2011 07:48 AM PST

Verizon purchasing wireless spectrum from Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks

Posted: 02 Dec 2011 06:39 AM PST

Verizon Wireless has announced the purchase of 122 wireless spectrum licenses from SpectrumCo, LLC, a joint venture comprised of Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks. The licenses cover 259 million Americans and the deal is worth about $3.6 billion. Verizon says the acquisition of this AWS spectrum will be put towards further expansion of its 4G LTE network, which currently uses the 700MHz band. The AWS bands will supplement coverage in densely populated areas. The purchase will have to be approved by the Federal Communications Commission before it can be completed.
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Cincinnati Bell offers HTC Radar 4G with Windows Phone 7.5

Posted: 02 Dec 2011 06:17 AM PST

Regional carrier Cincinnati Bell has announced the launch of the HTC Radar 4G Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone. The Radar 4G features a 3.8-inch, WVGA resolution display, a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, and a 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording capabilities. Cincinnati Bell is offering the Radar 4G for free to customers who come from another carrier and sign a new two-year contract. Existing customers upgrading from another phone can purchase it for $99.99 with a new two-year agreement.
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RIM taking $485 million loss on BlackBerry PlayBook inventory

Posted: 02 Dec 2011 05:48 AM PST

RIM has announced in a statement that it will be taking a $485 million charge in its next quarterly earnings report to cover the large stock of BlackBerry PlayBook tablets that it is sitting on. Apparently the company feels that it will not recoup that amount in sales of the PlayBook, and therefore needs to take the loss.
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